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[Computing] For Humanity.

Our greatest opportunity lies in making technology work for everyone.

Founded on a Vision of Innovation

General UI was founded in 2009 on the belief that our ability to use pervasive computing effectively will create profound opportunities for mankind to make positive change.

As the world becomes more automated, the knowledge work of software engineering and development will remain a great opportunity and challenge for human beings. The principles necessary to support the quality and productivity of this work are at the heart of General UI.

Our Values

Collaborative Teams

Our teams are supported from the bottom up, rather than dictated from the top down. We trust our teams' professionalism and coach ourselves to continually improve.

Lean, Data-Driven Design

We inform product decisions with data from real-world metrics, and we design lean products to create data to validate our clients' most important assumptions.

Test-Oriented Engineering

Continuous validation informs software architecture, which is designed to support continuous validation, in a virtuous cycle results in clean code, reliable software, and delighted users.

Exposure and Transparency

By revealing depth gracefully, encouraging users and clients to engage in and understand our work, we build trust in our products and process.

Beyond Agile

More important than any given set of team practices, rituals, or tools is the team's shared trust and alignment in collaboration and continuous improvement.


Our trade is the sustainable and high-quality development of software products featuring clean code and user interface design that is nimble, deceptively simple and delightful.

Continuous Improvement

We coach everyone at General UI to invest in the perpetual improvement of our work and process, measured by the success of our customers and the satisfaction of their end users.

Supportive Management

We believe in and practice a supportive management model designed to maximize our professionals' discretion to use good judgment in providing excellent customer service.


Our company is only as good as the relationships it is made of. Serving these relationships by working for the well-being of our employees, customers, and end users is the purpose of General UI.

Executive Leadership

Jason Thane

As co-founder of General UI, Jason Thane is dedicated to leading the company in its mission to build applications on the most exciting and valuable platforms at the leading edge of the technology space. Jason works with entrepreneurs and leaders in established enterprises to help them develop capabilities for software development and digital innovation as central to competitiveness in today's markets and the manifestation of social good.

Jason's experience includes digital product launches in the retail, travel, healthcare, automotive, music, film, and nonprofit sectors. A native of Missoula, MT, he studied Computer Science at Montana State and more recently Technology Commercialization at the University of Washington.

Jason Greer

Drawing on his experience of founding and managing private and publicly held companies, he concentrates on strategy, partnerships and people, as he directs operations to support General UI's teams and clients on achieving maximum ROI.

Jason Greer is passionate about contributing to the community in Seattle both through his work at General UI and serving local philanthropic organizations.

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Leadership Based on Principle and Experience

“The values we share are critical to our success as a team, and to our competitive advantage in the marketplace. Our values are the platform on which we build our development teams and create our future.”

Jason Greer
General UI Co-Founder